Millions of euros from industrial relocations, the business that started in a garage

A wooden garage, an idea, a lot of work and a future-oriented vision – this is how the company of industrial relocation services, packaging and Export- Modpack Group was founded. In 11 years, the company’s customer number has reached almost 1,000. Its revenues were last year at 5.3 million euros, and the number of employees at 93. This year, the number of employees reached 130, and the revenue forecast aims at an increase of about 30%.

Valentin Mălăescu says that a single factory relocation project involves the work of about 50-60 people: from Project evaluators, people involved in logistics, those dealing with transport to places anywhere in Romania or in ports or airports, the work of the packaging team, which assembles the pieces into boxes. Then the loading and transport, on pre-established routes, to the factory’s relocation destination. This is where the subcontractors, respectively, those who unload the products come into the picture.

Modpack runs thousands of operations a year. Among Modpack customers, 90% are multinational companies.

Outside the headquarters, located in Ploiesti (Romania), the company uses a rented logistic space in Cluj where it serves customers in the center of the country; among the most recent investments is a 2 million euro for a logistics centre in Oradea. „We want to cover the western area of Europe and the exit towards Europe; It’ll probably be ready in the spring of next year. ”

However, the company also has facilities in the Czech Republic (Prague), United Kingdom (Liverpool) and it is going to open an office in the United States, as well. The total investments in the company and in the expansion go up to more than EUR 3 million.

The beginnings of Modpack Business

The business of Modpack Group began with the production of wooden packaging in a garage, subsequently evolving in the directions of multimodal transport and industrial relocations. Valentin Mălăescu says they borrowed a Western concept, one stop shop, through which for about 60% of their customers offer integrated services, from dismantling equipment, packaging, transport to another destination anywhere in the world – road, sea and air. The entrepreneur says it covers about any type of industry, having the capability to pack up and move any type of equipment. 90% of customers come from the oil industry, tobacco, food, automotive.

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